Defibrillator and Cabinet Check Sheet


Defibrillator and Cabinet Check Sheet

Name of Person carrying out check: Gaynor Thompson
Date of Check: 10/03/2021
Time of Check: 1430
CABINET CHECK: OPEN CABINET to carry out checksYes
Is there any water or condensation inside the cabinet? No
Does the door open and close correctly? Yes
Is there any damage to the cabinet? No
DEFIBRILLATOR CHECK: Remove AED before checkingYes
Is the rescue ready indicator showing as operational (see manufactures guidelines for further information or     YES
Is the defibrillator casing clean and free from damage? YES
Are the AED pads in date? Pad 1 expir date:31/07/2022 Pad 2 expiry date: On order  YES
Are the Face Towel, Razor, Scissors, Disposable Gloves and Face shield present? YES
Is the battery indicator showing as operational (as per manufactures guidelines)? YES
Does the voice prompts start when switching on the AED YES

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